What Heather's Clients Say

Melissa C.

If you are looking for a mindset change in one visit... Heather is the practitioner to call! I was shocked after our first meeting. Sat in my car and felt my world expand. Beyond her practice, Heather cares about her clients. She checked in with me after our meetings and gave tips for what to do on my own after each one of them. Life changing.

Susan W.

Heather David is a great hypnotherapist. After we discussed my goals, she made me a tape that covered exactly what I had hoped for.... within days my mindset had shifted, and I was able to meet my goals, right on time. I highly recommend her !

Mar P.

I am so happy that my family found Heather! She has been instrumental in assisting my son with his behavioral issues. Her calming nightly routine has made it easy for him to go to bed at night. She has helped me with confidence, harnessing my inner strength, and diet.

Alexia B.

Heather is absolutely amazing. Hypnotherapy has been the best form of therapy for me and my family showing real and fast results.

Kylie S.

My experiences with Heather have been deeply impactful for me. Each session opens new, important insights which have led to quick, positive change for me. The work is gentle, pleasurable, and transformative, and I always have a sense that I am in a peaceful state of control in the process.

brian b.

Heather has done wonders for my son.
She gained his trust & confidence immediately and transformed an adamantly opposed hypnosis new comer into a open minded believer in its benifits. He now embodies more confidence and curiosity as opposed to the frailty and fear that he was living with before they meet.
He now realizes that his life is not out of control and has the tools and the ability to work with what life throws his way.


I went for and overall feeling of void, or discontentment with my life slowly sliding down toward depression. I felt very comfortable with Heather and the session went very well. I came home very relaxed. Every night I listened to the recording that she made for me. After 3 weeks, I had another session to see how it was going. The process had been very successful and I did not need any further session after that. It has been several months now and I feel stable. I might need to go back after a year, to reset the cursor. I highly recommend Heather.