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Heather David, CL. Hyp., ARTT

The Newport Hypnotherapy Approach

Offer your employees the opportunity to maximize the power of their subconscious mind and create a life of success, happiness and abundance.

When our bodies are engaged in Eustress (good stress), we are able to meet our challenges with enthusiasm and positivity. Our best thinking, planning and creativity occurs.

Newport Hypnotherapy works with companies and sports clubs by providing Guided Hypnotic Visualizations packages targeting anxiety and fear reduction as well as improved learning and performance.

Heather conducts group sessions online and in person. Some of the popular topics include:

  • Clearing Fears, Stress, and Anxiety From Your Mind
  • Acing High Stakes Speaking Engagements
  • Improving Learning and Memory
  • Achieving Peak Performance

Inquire on the Contact page for more detailed information and pricing, and check out the flyer for Heather's Ready, Set, Visualize! online series.

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